Unakite Jasper Pendant

Unakite Jasper Pendant

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This intricate pendant is made by hand shaping raw copper around a specially chosen stone. Each piece is completely unique, made with love and care.  


Unakite Jasper balances the nurturing, earthy nature of green with the soft, caring elements of pink. It is a wonderful stone for balancing the heart, encouraging patience and for supporting those who feel a little lost. Wear it to remind yourself that having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness. 

Unakite is well known as being a good stone for assisting children with their sensitive emotions, and for easing the transition for pregnant women and babies. 
Copper is known as a channelling metal, gently enhancing the properties of the stone it is paired with.


Size: 4cm x 3cm   



Care of Your Pendant
Copper will naturally tarnish over time. To refresh your pendant back to its shiny self, simply run it under warm water and rub gently with a fine steel wool. Alternatively you can use a jewellery cleaning cloth. 

This item is ready made in NSW Australia, please allow 4 days for your item to be posted as I live in a rural area. Tracked postage is INCLUDED in the price, gotta love that! 
If multiple items are purchased from the same maker, excess postage charges will be refunded. 

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About Wire Wrapping
Wire wrapping has been used as a technique to make jewellery since as far back as 2000BC. It is the only jewellery making method that uses no soldering or casting, with the loops and curves of the wire holding the stone and each other in place. It is an intricate and time consuming art form. I love working with natural materials of stone, crystals and metal, and find it a grounding and meditative process. Each gemstone is a small gift from nature, with a meaning that comes from thousands of years of folklore. The small piece of comfort or clarity that people can gain from a talisman that has a history that means something to them personally is a wonderful thing. No two pieces are the same, and are made with the care and kind intent that comes with handmade products.