Rosemary Cleansing Wand | Smudge Stick

Rosemary Cleansing Wand | Smudge Stick

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Remove negativity and promote peace & love within your home or chosen space with this calming cleansing wand. Allow the soothing aroma of Rosemary to infiltrate every corner of your humble abode. 

Our smudge wands are handcrafted right here in Australia from locally grown ingredients. Once they are made, we air dry them for 3 weeks to ensure they are perfect for smudging your chosen space.

Rosemary is known to be an amazing cleanser and is best used as protection from negative energy, enhance mental clarity and to promote and enhance love within any space. 

Directions for use

Begin by opening up all windows and doors in the place you would like to smudge. Place the smudge wand on a ceramic bowl and light one end of the wand. Allow it to burn for about 10 seconds and then blow out the flame which will then allow the smoke to be activated. Allow the smoke to spread within every room and every corner. Once your smudge is completed you can run a little bit of water over the wand to stop the burn. Re-use the wand as many times as you are intuitively guided to. Discard any loose burnt bits of the wand back into mother earth (your garden)


History of "Smudging"

The term "smudging" originated from the UK, however the actual practice of smudging originated and was practiced by indigenous cultural ceremonies. They usually burned a selection of herbs as part of a cleansing ceremonial ritual for specific spiritual purposes.


* Do not leave burning smudge wand unattended

* Please make sure there are no active flames/embers on your wand when smudging is complete

* Each wand is individually made so they will not appear identical to the image shown. Please allow for slight differences. 


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