Fae Folk Wand, Staff or Sceptre

Fae Folk Wand, Staff or Sceptre

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It is widely known that Faerie Folk and Pixies use a special blend of Faerie dust to enhance their natural abilities. Their natural talents with magic, of course came from the earth and nature around them, a special gift that manifested as their genetics shifted to adapt to our atmosphere. But discoveries of wands, staffs and sceptres through out the ages have been well documented although often mistaken for items used by other Magical Creatures.


      Faeries and Pixies have an innate ability for sensing magic in items humans find mundane, ordinary and just another part of the world around us. (It must be said that a special few magically gifted humans can feel the magical vibrations in items when concentrating at the right frequency)

Enchant and inspire with a beautiful handcrafted Fae Folk Wand, Sceptre, or Staff.

Place an order and we will choose a cute little wand, sceptre or staff to be sent to you along with a field guide story. If you have purchased a Faerie or Pixie from our store one will be chosen to match.

Please note the following before you purchase:

These items are not intended as a toy but a magical keepsake to inspire the believe in magic.

These items are delicate, they contain sharp and small items and are only for use under parental supervision.

Our crystals are actually made from resin to help prevent chipping.

They are between 10-25cms in length and vary in design. The have a variety of decorations and colours which include

cotton thread


polished rocks


resin crystals


and many more little trinkets that Fae folk are attracted to.