Dark Amethyst Pendant

Dark Amethyst Pendant

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Amethyst is also known as ‘The Artist’s Stone’. It inspires the energy of fire, passion and creativity, balanced with temperance, understanding and wisdom. 

It has one of the longest histories with mankind than any other gemstone, and has been used in many cultures since 25,000 B.C. as a talisman against negative thoughts, witchcraft and demons.

Copper is known as a channeling metal, enhancing the properties of the stone it is paired with. 

Care of Your Pendant
Copper will naturally tarnish over time. To refresh your pendant back to its shiny shelf, simply run it under warm water and rub gently with a fine steel wool.  


Details and Shipping 
Please note price includes the pendant only. This product is handmade in and shipped from Mangrove Mountain, NSW, Australia. This item is ready made, please allow 5 days for your item to be posted as I live in a rural area. Shipping options: regular postage is INCLUDED in the price, gotta love that! If multiple items are purchased from the same maker, excess postage charges will be refunded.  




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