"Imagine a keepsake doll as a reflection of someone special, a wonderful moment in time, or a heartfelt memory to eternally capture. One that brings a warm sentimental feeling, that lovely sense of nostalgia"

Internationally revered & collected since 2013, Upper Dhali® specialises in creating personalised sentimental keepsake dolls that tell the most magical story - your story. They are like sisters, the same but different. Each one individual, each one uniquely yours.

Timelessly luxurious, each keepsake is more than just a doll - they are true pieces of art that feature the finest of details and impeccable craftsmanship, pure heirloom quality.

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Meet louise - The face behind upper dhali

Born collectively through three generations of women in my family, Upper Dhali® encompasses memories, emotion and sentiment.

I started creating my first doll in March 2012 as a Mother's Day gift for my Nana. I had intended on making 3 in total, one for each of my beautiful grandmothers and one for my Mum. Unfortunately I drastically underestimated how long it would take me to make a delightful vintage inspired felt doll let alone 3! It took me weeks and an epic number of hours to complete, but I was determined to challenge myself to create something unique and from the heart. Unfortunately my darling Nana passed away suddenly mere days before seeing her special doll. During the next 18 months of grieving, hand stitching and embroidering helped whilst I processed and navigated the huge loss in my life. I felt closer to her whilst creating and I often felt her presence around me. Creating gave me the pause I much needed and I thoroughly loved creating these little darlings.

I threw caution to the wind, quit my finance career, organised a makeshift studio in my home & started creating sentimental keepsake dolls. In the beginning I had no idea how to sew with a machine, let alone even know how to thread one! I had very little idea how to read a sewing pattern and I definitely didn't know how to make dolls, but I trusted this new journey as it felt right.


Now in my 7th year, Upper Dhali is internationally revered with providing exceptional standards with a genuine & heartfelt service, quality craftsmanship together with unique and original designs. You can trust that each keepsake doll is handcrafted with impeccable heirloom quality and carefully created to capture the essence that makes you uniquely you.