Seller Testimonials


"I have been with Love Australian Handmade since they started the online marketplace. What I love about being a vendor on Love Australian Handmade most is the handmade community. I have learnt so much from the other handmaidens including photography and business tips that have helped me progress my business forward and achieve goals I wouldn’t have otherwise. Everyone in the community is super helpful and giving with their knowledge and time.

The wonderful Susan and Anh are also so supportive of the vendors and handmade. I highly recommend being a seller with the Love Australian Handmade community."


"I LOVE being a vendor on Love Australia Handmade website.

I am Martina from Noble Cubs and I handmake products for parents and kids when out and about.

Why I love being a part of this is the opportunity for a new platform for my products, Love Australia Handmade social media directs potential customers to their page through their own posts and by commenting on Wanted to Buy posts in the giant group they have. The special events and online seasonal markets also boost this promotion.

I also love the community that comes with it. There is a dedicated community for the sellers on the page, this is a great place for small businesses to support small businesses that ‘get’ what we are each about. This community also contributes to the promotion – again, small biz supporting small biz."


"LAH is more than just a 'storefront', it's a community.

I have just signed up for another year of being a seller with LAH because, unlike other online marketplaces, LAH seller membership is more than just a place to sell your products. Yes membership includes an easy to use, beautifully presented, professional online shopfront you can direct your customers to. It also includes cheerleaders who understand handmade and want you to do well. The support I have received from the LAH community and lovely ladies who run LAH this past year, has been invaluable. Susan and Anh (the owners) genuinely support handmade and are super helpful and giving with their knowledge and time. I highly recommend being a seller with the LAH community."


"Selling with LAH, isn't just about a selling platform. It's a little community of handmade goodness, with the most amazing group of creative people to back you up. We all boost one another, do that little bum wiggle dance when we have a sale. It's a Handmade With Love family.

Made by Niss wouldn't be where she is without the wonderful support of Susan and Anh, and the vendors from LAH. Highly recommend if you are looking for a platform to sell from. We'll welcome you with open arms!!! (I'll also take Malteser's as a bribery if needed...).
Mean every word of this... except the bribery bit lol. Love your work ladies. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this amazing family xx"


"I would like to leave a postive review being one of the LAH handmaidens, I sincerely thank you all for letting me be a part of this wonderful community! The website is very easy to use, I love the sassy, elite shopfront look of every store I visit, Afterpay is such a bonus and personally, it has helped my business a lot! The help I get is beyond amazing. I was not confident at all when I started my little business, a friend of mine suggested me to join and from then on my sales went up and I gathered lovely customers that are so supportive with my creative journey as well! I also made some lovely hand made mums online that I can share my thoughts and passion for art and business. I can not thank you all enough!"


"I love selling on the Love Australian Handmade website. The sign up process was easy and in just three months i have almost made my website fee back. Susan and Anh are lovely to work with and i love the fact that all the items are exclusively handmade. I will be continuing to sell my items on the site."


"Being a seller at Love Australian Handmade has been a very positive experience.

The team are so helpful and encouraging and constantly promote the site and therefore your business.

There are several events each year which the LAH team promote to help their sellers gain more sales.

The added bonus of afterpay has enabled me to reach a broader clientele and has increased my sales significantly.

The selling platform is easy to use from both the seller’s and buyers perspective.

I can’t recommend Love Australian Handmade enough! They are truely a fantastic team who are there to support and promote you and your business.


"I am a relatively new small business based in Brisbane, Qld. I've been a seller with Love Australian Handmade since January 2020 and I couldn't be happier!

My shopfront on the LAH website is very easy to update and maintain myself, and the Team are always there with help and support if I need it. LAH is the only online platform I sell through - my shopfront looks professional, and I am able to offer AfterPay and PayPal as well.
The LAH Team are constantly promoting their community of Sellers on social media, so we have the added benefit of reaching their followers as well, which is amazing!
The annual subscriber fee is very affordable, and well worth the investment for the benefits you receive as a Seller.
It's a supportive community for Australian handmade small businesses, and I'm so happy to be a part of it."


"Love love love selling with LAH, all the functionality of your own website without all the hassle and sooo much support. Loving the community vibe"


"Having a storefront on Love Australian Handmade Website has been a great addition to my online sales.

The support you recieve from Susan and Anh is amazing and nothing seems to be to hard for them to help you if you have a question or query regarding anything on the website.

Adding listing's to your storefront is a simple process, and get approved quite quickly.

It's not only a website, it's a community of sellers who help eachother too, so not only do you become a seller you become a member of our community.

If you decide to sell on LAH you won't regret it, the annual fee is cheap and fees are minimal, less than the usual Etsy, Ebay etc fees."


"I only just opened my LAH shopfront in June. But I love it. The ease of setting it up, the helpfulness from Anh & Susan, the support from fellow Handmade businesses in the fb group.. it's all fabulous. I set this up as an addition to my own website as an additional outlet and exposure for my small handmade jewellery business. Small steps so far, but I can see it being a great move!"