Seller Terms and Conditions Agreement

This agreement is made between ‘Love Australian Handmade’ and the handmade business

This agreement will begin the day after payment is received and will continue for 12 months unless otherwise agreed. 

The agreement specifies the following: 


  1. Your business storefront and products will be listed on the Love Australian Shop website. All products are uploaded by the seller using their vendor dashboard and submitted for approval. Products are approved at the discretion of Love Australian Handmade. 
  2. You must have a current ABN to sell on Love Australian Handmade. 
  3. You and the buyer are bound by Love Australian Handmade’s general terms and conditions, which are found here: 
  1. Love Australian Handmade may amend the terms and conditions, including fees, from time to time and will notify you of any amendments. By continuing to use the Love Australian Handmade website as a marketing/selling platform after receiving such notification, you will be deemed to have agreed to the amendments. 
  2. While Love Australian Handmade will promote the selling platform and on occasion promote individual items as content on social media, you are responsible for actively promoting your shop to your target audience. 


  1. Once approved as a seller, you will be able to access your individual vendor dashboard. Here you can add/edit/delete products, view and fulfil orders and view your sales statistics. 
  2. If you have any questions or issues regarding your storefront or products, please contact us via email and we will assist. Please note that we are a small Australian owned team of 2, so please allow 24 hours for all inquiries. If urgent, please indicate this in your subject heading. 
  3. Love Australian Handmade will do our best to ensure that our website is maintained, functioning and up to date. Our website is hosted by shopify. Love Australian Handmade is not responsible if there is a website outage or delay. In these circumstances, we will do everything we can to get in touch with the appropriate people as promptly as possible to restore the website. 


  1. You will be charged an annual storefront registration for a 12 month calendar year term. This is an upfront payment and your term will begin the date after payment is received. If you wish to keep your storefront open past this term, you must pay for another 12 months or your store will be disabled. 
  2. Businesses less than 6 months old will be accepted on a trial basis for 6 months at a cost of $50 for 6 months. Should sellers wish to extend past his point, they can do so as a once off fee of $49 for a further 6 months. Costs thereafter will be in line with our annual storefront fee. 
  3. Your storefront can be cancelled at any time by yourself or Love Australian Handmade. If the term is cancelled, no refunds will be provided for registration fees paid. 
  4. Payouts will occur weekly every Friday (for all orders made from the previous Friday-Thursday of that week). If there is a delay for any reason, you will be notified via email. Payouts will be made directly into your nominated paypal account. It is the sellers responsibility to ensure the paypal address you provide us is kept up to date and accurate. There are no commission fees, however you will be charged a minimal capped payout fee to help cover the cost of paypal fees for us paying you out and administration costs. This will be capped at $1 per payout for payouts $50 and under and $2 for payouts over $50. The payout amounts will be less the amount charged by the payment gateway (i.e., varies depending on how the customer pays). (Afterpay payments - 6% plus 30 cents and then plus GST on that 6% and 30 cents, Paypal payments - 2.6% + $0.30, Shopify payments (credit card) - 1.75% + 30¢) 
  5. Please note that if fees are altered by any of the payment gateways ie, Afterpay, Paypal or Shopify that the fees stated above will change. We will notify you in writing via email if we receive notification of this occurring. 
  6. At any time you can request to receive a copy of your payouts from Love Australian Handmade (7 day turnaround). 


  1. All items must be ‘substantially transformed into their final form in Australia’. This product must be ‘created by you or someone in your small business, not manufactured in a factory setting’. 
  2. All products must be ‘significantly transformed by the maker’ to meet our definition of handmade. Commercially made blanks such as water bottles, mugs, glasses, tshirts etc as a whole are not permitted to be sold on Love Australian Handmade. However, there are some circumstances where blanks may be permitted such as nesting dolls that have been hand painted. Examples that will not be permitted include personalized water bottles with customisation of names and images, manufactured towels with embroidered names or mugs with typography printed. Vinyl decals on their own are also not permitted. 
  3. Digital prints are permitted if the print is created using the makers own drawings or paintings. Photography prints (or digital) are not permitted for the purpose of this website Clip art/purchased graphics can be used as a component in the creative process, however clip art/purchased graphics cannot be used on its own. 
  4. Upcycled items are not permitted unless there has been substantial creative input. For example, vintage curtains that have been repurposed and made into a skirt is permitted. A chair that has been reupholstered is not permitted. 
  5. Teaching resources, plants and food items are currently within scope to be listed on Love Australian Handmade. 
  6. Baby teething products, dummy chains and baby play gyms/toys are not permitted for sale on Love Australian Handmade unless they have been independently tested and certified to meet Australian Safety Standards. Insurance must also be taken out for these products. 
  7. Any items that clearly use trademarked wording/logos/images or copyrighted work cannot be sold Love Australian Handmade, unless the seller can demonstrate that they hold the appropriate license to use and sell works using trademarked/copyright works. Items made using licenced fabrics are permitted to be sold. 
  8. All products uploaded by the seller, must include all essential information such as pricing, inventory levels (if applicable), postage type included and turnaround times. If any information is missing or there is an issue with a product listing, Love Australian Handmade will be in contact via email to the seller to discuss any issues or missing information prior to approving the product. 
  9. Products will be approved within 24 hours of being uploaded by the seller. If there is a delay, Love Australian Handmade will advise via email. If you would like to schedule your products to go live at a set date/time, please email Love Australian Handmade and we can set this up for you. Discount codes can also be set up if requested for individual products or your entire storefront. 
  10. Sellers are responsible for ensuring that their own listings and stock levels are kept up to date and accurate. This includes inventory and turnaround times 


  1. When a buyer purchases your product from the Website, the contract for sale is formed between you and the buyer. If you accept a customer order for the purchase of a product, then an agreement is formed between you and the buyer and you have rights directly and only against the buyer, and not us. We are not a party to that agreement. 
  2. All prices are in Australian dollars. All purchase prices include Australian GST (where applicable). Payment for orders will be accepted online by credit card, PayPal account or AfterPay. 
  3. The buyer agrees to pay the purchase price specified on the website at the time of their purchase, as well as any applicable shipping and insurance details should they apply. 


  1. You, the Seller, may cancel an order that it has already accepted if you suspect that the buyer is acting fraudulently (such as using a credit card without proper authorisation) or in breach of terms as stated on the Love Australian Handmade website. 
  2. It is accepted that while you, the Seller, will endeavour to avoid pricing and other errors, sometimes errors do occur from time to time and you may also cancel an order that it has accepted in such circumstances. 
  3. Unexpected supply issues or unexpected demand may sometimes result in a product being unavailable. If there is a delay in shipping the buyer’s order, you will contact the buyer by email as soon as possible to advise the reason for the delay. 
  1. The buyer may also cancel an order if you are in breach of these terms. 


  1. Your listings must be clear with turn around times for each product, and if they are ready to send or custom made products. 
  2. You, the Seller will deliver the Product to the place of delivery the buyer specifies when making their order. Title to and risk in the Product will pass to the buyer upon delivery of the Product to this place of delivery. 


  1. Refunds are based on the individual policies and processes of the individual maker. The buyer must contact the individual maker should they wish to discuss a refund. All refunds and repairs are granted on the basis of Australian Consumer Law. Refunds are not granted due to change of mind. 
  2. It is strongly recommended that you develop a clear refund policy and publish this in your seller profile on the Love Australian Handmade website.