Seller Help and Common Questions

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For all the step by step instructions on adding a product download your double sided cheat sheet HERE

What are product tags?

These are used by the websites search function. In this box pop single words or phrases that customers may use to search for your product. These are not hashtags, so do not add # to the front of the word, just type the word or phrase and select enter to move onto the next tag word/phrase.

What is product handle?

This the end URL of your product listing. If you leave this blank, the website will populate this itself using your product title.

What are collections and how do I get my store added to the list?

Collection are categories shown as menu items on the website. Select that all that are relevant to your product and don't forget to add to 'all products' so that it shows on the 'shop all' page. Once we have approved your first product, we will also add your store to the collection list. This allows us to make discounts applicable just to your products and more!

Yes we know the collection list is super long and unfortunately we cannot rearrange the order. If you are having trouble finding a collection or would like to do it quicker, select CTRL + F to type in and search the collection you are after.

How do I add a variant to an existing listing?

Click on edit listing. Scroll down to 'variant details'. Select 'add variant'. Enter your new variant details.

If you get stuck, send us an email to

How do I remove a variant from an existing listing?

Click on edit listing. Scroll down to 'variant details'. For each variable you want to remove, click on the three dots on the far right hand side of your variable and select 'delete'

If you get stuck, send us an email to

I want my product(s) to go live at a set time, how do I do this?

To do this, we will approve your listing and then promptly 'disable' your listing from your seller dashboard. This means that you can then 'enable' your product(s) from your dashboard when you are ready for your release to go live. If you would like this to be done, please send us an email to let us know or write 'APPROVE AND DISABLE' in your product title.

How do I put something on sale?

To put an existing listing on sale, scroll down to variant details. Press the three dots under action and select 'edit'.

On this screen pop the sale price as the 'price', then pop RRP as the 'compare it to price'. This will then display the product as on sale on the live site.

My product is showing not approved, why is that?

All products must be manually approved by us before showing live on the site. If your product is missing details such as images, description etc it will not be approved until all info is in the listing. Once you have completed your listing, products will be approved by us within 24 hours (but usually much sooner). As this is a manual process, there are times that we do miss listings (especially if lots are added at once). If your product is still pending approval after 24 hours, please send us an email so that we can approve it.

How do I add a custom listing?

To add a custom listing, add it like any other product, making sure to add the customers name in the listing. For example 'Custom Listing for Jane S', make sure to set the quantity to 1. Once approved, send the customer the direct link to their listing for them to checkout.

Help! My listing has gremlins and things on the live site aren't the same as my back end!

From time to time, like any website, your listings may go a bit wack! If they do, please send us an email explaining the issue and we can fix from our backend for you.


How do I create a discount code?

We can create discount codes for you for individual products or your whole storefront. This can be for a fixed amount or percentage amount. We can also specify minimum spend amounts and quantities. We can cap the number of times the discount code can be used and also specify as one use per customer. We can also set start and end dates and times (please note that our websites time zone is AEDST). To set up a discount code, just send us an email with the discount codeword you would like used and all details.

Local pick up code

If you have customers who are local and would like to offer a discount code to deduct the cost of shipping from your listings, just email us with the discount codeword you would like used and the shipping amount included in your prices.

Multiple purchases codes

If you would like, we can set up discount codes for customers to enter at checkout to deduct excess postage costs. HERE is an example of a listing where we have set this up. If you would like this done, please just email us the discount codewords you would like to use and amounts to deduct from the totals.

The discount code isn't showing on my order/the discount amount hasn't been deducted?

The discount code and discount amount does not show on the order email you receive, you will need to logon to your seller dashboard and view the order to see this.


I want to offer gift cards to my store, can I do this?

We currently do not offer site wide gift cards on Love Australian Handmade, but may offer these from time to time. If you would like to offer your customers the option to purchase gift cards to use specifically in your store, you can set these up as listings for customers to purchase.

Once they have ordered the gift card, we will need to create a unique discount code for them to enter at checkout. Otherwise, you can specify in the gift card that they must contact you directly to order. You must specify in your listing, that the customer must enter the gift card code in the discount code box at checkout. You must also specify that the gift voucher is only valid for your storefront.

You are also responsible for emailing the customer the gift card and keeping track. You can find an example of a gift card listing HERE


How do I refund excess postage charges?

If you have excess postage charges to refund, please email us the amount and order number and we will refund from our end and notify the customer why they have been partially refunded. Please try and email us before Friday so that we deduct this amount when completing payouts for the week. If refunds are made after payouts are made, we ask that you please transfer us the refund amount to our PayPal account.

Why does my order say partially refunded?

Often customers will order from multiple makers in the one transaction and how good is that?! Because of this, if we refund ANY part of that order it will show as 'partially refunded' on your dashboard.


How do I fulfil my order?

To fulfil your orders, hop onto your seller dashboard and head to orders. Find the order you would like to fulfil and select 'view' by selecting the three dots on the far right hand side under action. Scroll down to the bottom of your order and click 'fulfil'.

This will bring up a pop up screen where you can enter the tracking number, shipping method (for example Australia Post) and tracking URL (here you can enter the direct link for customers to track their order for example the Australia Post tracking site)

Why does my order say partially fulfilled?

Often customers will order from multiple makers in the one transaction, because of this, if ANY part of that order is fulfilled by another maker it will show as 'partially fulfilled' on your dashboard..


How do I add postage upgrades or the option to add a gift card/gift wrapping?

As all listings include postage, you may wish to offer upgrades using a checkbox on your listings. We can set this up for you from our end using a special plugin. Just let us know what you would like the checkbox to say and the additional amount to charge and we can add it for you. We will set this up as an option across your entire collection so that anytime you add a new product, the checkbox is automatically added.

We can also do the above but include a checkbox to add a gift card or gift wrapping. You just let us know what you would like the text to show and the amount to charge.

redirecting to your own domain

I have/want to purchase my own domain name, how do I redirect this to my storefront on LAH?

Yes you can purchase a domain name of your own and redirect to your storefront with us. If purchased from Ventral IP (a great Australian owned company), you can find the instructions below. If purchased through another provider, you will need to contact them for instructions. If you need help figuring out the url to redirect to, please send us a message or email and we can help out.


Will vary depending on who your domain is purchased through. Contact your provider for assistance.

*Login into your Ventral IP VIP Control

*Click on ‘My Services’

*Under domains select ‘manage’ for the url you would like to redirect to

*Click on ‘Manage DNS’

*Scroll down to ‘web forwarding’ and click on ‘add web forwarder’

*Under Record Type select ‘301 Redirect Permanent’ (this will send all visitors and search engines to this redirect)

*Leave source address blank

*Under Destination Address type in the link you would like your domain name to redirect too, if you are unsure of the best url to redirect people to on Love Australian Handmade, please contact us and we will let you know. Please ensure that you begin the url with https://

*Then press ‘add web forwarder’

*YAY! You did it! Now quickly rush over to your web browser and type in your VERY OWN domain name and see your products show up! Then get excited and tell all your customers about it! WOOHOO!


How do I find the website address for my storefront?

When we approve your first products, we email you two options for your storefront website address. These are both slightly different. The seller profile page shows a lovely banner up the top and your logo in the corner, however if a product is on sale or sold out this is not visible on this page (the customer must click on the product listing to see this). The collection page, DOES show easily if a product is on sale or sold out, however it doesn't have a banner up the top or logo in the corner.

How do I change the order of my products on my storefront page?

At present we are unable to reorder the listings on your seller profile page. We CAN however move your products around on your collection page, just let us know and we can manually move them around from our back end. Alternatively, the default for both pages is to order from newest to oldest.

How do I put my storefront onto holiday mode?

If you are taking a break, you can disable all of your products and then enable again when you are ready. Alternatively, you can pop some text up the top of each product listing to let your customers know that you are taking a break and that there will be a delay in posting, for example -

I am taking a short break from the 28th of July to the 4th of August. All orders placed during this time will be posted on my return on the 5th of August 2020.

Just don't forget to remove this message when you are back!


I have received some wonderful feedback from my customers, how can I get them to share this?

Down the bottom of each product listing, you can invite your customer to complete a product review. These are for individual product listings only and once the product is removed they are also removed, so make sure to screenshot and save any feedback that you receive.


Help! I can't logon to my seller dashboard!

First, make sure that you are logging in, in the correct place. This is the 'seller login' menu item on our website and not the 'customer login' area. HERE is the direct link to login. If you are having trouble, you can select 'forgot your password?'. If still having trouble, please note that both the email address and password are both case sensitive. If you are having trouble, please email us and we can send through the exact text for your email address and also reset your password for you.


When are payouts made into my PayPal account?

Payouts are completed every Friday for the previous Friday to Thursday (day before). Occasionally if an order is made Friday morning of payout day, they will be included in that run.

Can you pay me into my bank account instead?

No sorry, all payouts are made using PayPal, but once in PayPal you can transfer to your linked bank account.

What are the fees charged again?

The payouts amounts will be less the amount charged by the payment gateway (i.e., varies depending on how the customer pays). (Afterpay payments - 6% plus 30 cents and then plus GST on that 6% and 30 cents, Paypal payments - 2.6% + $0.30, Shopify payments (credit card) - 1.75% + 30¢). We also then charge a payout fee (to help cover costs of fees charged by PayPal when we pay you). This payout fee is charged on your total payout amount for the week and is capped at $1 for orders under $50 and $2 for orders over $50.

I think you missed an order?

All payouts are done manually, so like anything human error can occur. If you believe your payouts are missing an order, please send us an email so we can double check. We can also send you a list of the orders that have been paid out and fees charged.