If you’re looking for honesty and transparency in an industry that can often leave business owners confused and overcharged, then Naked Digital Marketer is for you. She makes the complicated, simple. The impersonal, personal. And turns clutter into clarity.

Founded by Desiree Robards, Naked Digital Marketer was built for small businesses who want a holistic digital marketing strategy, without the bells and whistles. Desiree can help you with digital marketing strategy, websites, social media and email marketing.

Naked Digital Marketer is marketing re-imagined; an antidote to the push to over-complicate simple marketing challenges. In a world awash with over-the-top marketing, simple and honest wins.

Meet Desiree - The face behind Naked Digital Marketer

Hello! I’m Desiree. Digital marketer and specialist in organic marketing for small business.

I am a single mum to one 7yo boy and we live in Newcastle, NSW with our cat Cauliflower (she’s all white!).

I’ve been a digital marketer for 8+ years and I absolutely love working with sole traders and small businesses as these businesses are driven by passion and determination to make their dream a success.

I used to have an online store as a side business so I know first-hand how tricky it is for eCommerce businesses to be seen and heard in the noisy world of online shopping.

Naked Digital Marketer