Join the Fashion Revolution!

Fashion Revolution Week happens in late April 2019! What is it you ask? It is a global movement pushing for greater transparency, sustainability, and ethics in the fashion industry, sparked by the Rana Plaza factory collapse in April 2013 which killed over 1000 people.

It is very relevant in the Australian handmade sector, as we push for slow fashion, support for local businesses, question who makes our clothing, and look at more sustainable options.

While Fashion Revolution week runs for one week, we would love to see the focus happen for all of April and celebrate our local makers!  This is a great chance to get involved, highlight why you do what you do and all the amazing reasons for buying the fabulous pieces you create!
Soooo what do we have planned?

Why an Australian Handmade Fashion Revolution Baby!!! During the month of April we will have regular blog posts featuring a number of Australian makers asking them questions about why they do what they do, their favourite pieces they have created and so much more!

We will be bombarding social media with images and encouraging everyone to join the fashion revolution with an emphasis on buying and supporting Australian Handmade. 
Finally we will be celebrating fashion revolution with a super special ONLINE pop up shop! This is a chance for you the makers to create a very special piece which defines why you do what you do! This must be an exclusive piece for the showcase or not yet released piece. This piece must be something that is so uniquely you and your brand OR something that defines why you do what you do! This is a chance to go crazy and have fun! 
As fashion revolution week is centred around fashion week, this pop up shop will be open to all makers of clothing or accessories.  The shop will run for two weeks opening Monday 15th of April at 8:30pm AEDST and close on the last day of fashion revolution week - Sunday 28th of April at 8:30pm AEDST.  As these can be clothing items, listings can be ready or custom made and multiple sizes can be offered.  
The pop up shop will be hosted on this website allowing customers easy check out and access to pay via Afterpay.


  • Once you have decided on your pop up shop piece, we will create your listing on the website and get it all ready for launch day!
  • Customer purchases the product from our website.  You will receive an email notifying you of your order. You prepare the order and ship it directly to the customer. You email them once shipped with tracking details (if applicable)
  • You will be paid once a week (every Friday) into your nominated PayPal account.  This amount will be  less the amount charged by the payment gateway (i.e., varies depending on how the customer pays). (Afterpay payments - 6% plus 30 cents and then plus GST on that 6% and 30 cents, Paypal payments - 2.6% + $0.30, Shopify payments (credit card) - 1.75% + 30¢)
Fashion revolution week have strict requirements around branding colours, fonts and promotion of the event.  So we will make it easy for you by creating a page with access to images to share leading up to and over the course of the showcase.
To ensure that as many people know about the pop up shop, there will be minimum requirements for promoting the event.  This includes promoting the event:
*Once during the weeks of April 1st and April 8th.
*The day before the pop up shop opens (Sunday 14th of April)
*Pop up shop open (Monday 15th of April)
*Twice more during the course of the showcase being open
*Pop up shop closing tomorrow (Saturday 27th of April)
*Pop up shop closing in 1 hour and showcase closed (Sunday 28th April)
Listings for the pop up shop are available for $10/listing (waived for Love Australian Handmade business subscribers). 
We cannot wait to see this all come together!
Sound good? Let's do this! Apply by completing the form below.
**Not sure what you will be making for the shop yet? No problem, feel free to apply anyway!**