Tooth Fairy Kits
Or 4 payments with InfoEmbracing a child's imagination and making one childhood experience more memorable. The Tooth Fairy Kit has been designed to do just that.It has been redesigned to make it more efficient for the Tooth Fairy to find your...
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F Cancer Jerome
Or 4 payments with        Info  **due to overwhelming demand, processing times have been increased to a 2 week turnaround** Well... Jerome says it all really.  I created this for Sam from Love Your Sister. People saw it and wanted...
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Deluxe Tooth Fairy Kit
Or 4 payments with        Info  For the ultimate tooth fairy experience, we have developed the deluxe tooth fairy kit. This includes everything you need in preparation for the tooth fairy’s arrival.  The deluxe kit includes: Tooth Fairy Kit Tooth...
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Tooth Fairy Sign Stand
Or 4 payments with        Info When you need a place to hang your Tooth Fairy sign, so the Tooth Fairy doesn't get lost.These stands are created using polymer clay, reindeer moss, floral twigs and leaves, flower blossoms and blueberries. Each...
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Ultimate Tooth Fairy Kit
Or 4 payments with        Info The epitome of Tooth Fairy set-up's. Here we have included almost our entire Tooth Fairy Kit range, into one wee little package. The Tooth Fairy will be in awe when she comes to visit!The kit...
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Tooth Fairy Signs
Or 4 payments with InfoCreated from sustainable bamboo, these little signs have been created in case the Tooth Fairy needs directions in how to get to your tooth. Measuring approximately 5cm x 2cm, they come in 7 different styles. Accented...
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Tooth Fairy Receipts
Or 4 payments with        Info Original designs and handmade, these receipts have been created for the Tooth Fairy to leave behind as each tooth is collected. The Refill set has been designed as an add on for the Tooth Fairy...
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Tooth Fairy Excuses
Or 4 payments with        Info  At last... we have excuses.For, you know, when you forget. Because it does happen, the tooth fairy gets lost, elves pull pranks, unicorns can’t find the rainbow. We now have the perfect solution for when...
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Set of 5 Tooth Fairy Envelopes
 Or 4 payments with  Info  These envelopes have been created from sturdy cardstock as an additional add on for your accessories. Complete with itty bitty postage stamps and a return address label. Each envelope measures 3.4cm x 2.5cm. **This piece is...
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Fairy Footprint Stencil
Or 4 payments with        Info  Designed and laser cut from MDF, these stencils create the perfect little footprints to show the Tooth Fairy's departure. You can use baby powder, flour or fin be sanding sugar (as shown in the...
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