Amethyst Slice Necklaces

Amethyst Slice Necklaces

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When I saw these incredibly unique and imperfectly shaped amethyst slices I basically had to have them all! Trapiche amethyst comes in some really unusual and intricate formations. 
I absolutely love their geometric patterns and how the copper sets off the beautiful layers of deep purple amethyst and quartz.  •• please note only one pendant is avaible, the other two have sold •• the Pendant available here is the bottom right, the oval shape. The pendant is 4cm long x 2cm wide. The chain is 47cm including the clasp. 

Amethyst connects to our crown chakra, our source energy, giving us faith in ourselves, our confidence and intuition. It will support you in forming and achieving your goals, and working toward them.

I have set this necklace through the process of electroforming. I begin by preparing the crystal and creating the bail for the necklace, which the chain will pass through. Once I am happy with the setting, I paint a conductive paint onto the parts of the crystal I need the copper to plate onto. The next step is protecting the rest of the crystal with a temporary sealant. Once I have completed these steps, I’m finally ready to put the crystal into my electroforming solution, and use electricity to move copper from one place to another. This process can take anywhere from 24-48 hours, and requires constant monitoring to ensure the process is smooth, and does not happen too quickly, as this affects the quality of the plating. Once the piece is ready, I clean it, remove any sealant from the crystal and finally, sand and polish the copper before adding a chain to finish the necklace. 
It’s quite a process from beginning with a raw crystal, to the finished result and one that I absolutely love. I hope that you treasure your new piece of jewellery for a long time to come. 
If you have any questions, please send me a message. Please advise of the necklace you are purchasing at checkout, as all 3 are currently available. 

 This product is handmade in Australia by Natasha Lee and is Shipped from Victoria, Australia.

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