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    Hi there, It's so lovely to meet you from the home of Love Australian Hand Made.

    I'm Michelle, the creative behind the LilyTayler Designs brand.

    As a mama, wifey and small biz artisan boss owner I am a true Libran who seeks harmony, balance, love and all things creative.

    Which is why you will generally find me in my humble little Studio, designing or creating a gorgeous piece of jewellery or working on my latest inspired collection - Currently the "Rainbow Calm" Collection which is full of colour, happiness and hope.

    When I'm not in my studio you'll find me walking on the beach, riding my bike, meditating, enjoying my daily coffee (often with other boss babes!) or sitting on the balcony taking in the ocean, with a good book in hand.  Self care is key.

    Please feel free to FOLLOW me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all my latest designs, with an insight into my life a little bit more via my Instagram Stories.

    I do hope you enjoy and love my creations.  I love making custom orders, so get in touch if you have your own design idea's, or need some help, and we will create something just for you.

    And hey let's collaborate if your another handmade biz, especially if you are a Gold Coast local like me!

    Thanks so much for supporting my handmade Artisan Business, it truly means the world to me.

    Much Love

    Mish xx

    91 products

    91 products