Travel has led me far and wide across the globe... along the way I have enjoyed amazing friends, memories, a world of inspiration and have collected a few talents.
    In 2016 we took our second trip to Japan, it was my daughter's first trip overseas and at 10 months old she proved to be a great little traveller. After learning origami in Kyoto, I imagined that I could create beautiful pieces for beautiful bubbas, combining the vibrant paper patterns with the stunning tones of natural timber. KamiKashii was born!

    The name comes from the Japanese word for paper, 'Kami' and part of a beautifully romantic Japanese word 'Natsukashii', which embodies that happy moment that suspends time and carries you back to a fond childhood memory.

    For someone that lives more than 16,000 kilometres from where she grew up, that idea resonated profoundly with me.

    Thinking about 'Natsukashii' made me remember long summer shadows, fresh cut grass, sizing up trees for climb-ability, My Little Ponies... and 99p flakes in ice cream cones! Can't help but smile
    At KamiKashii I make origami mobiles using natural bamboo or driftwood.
    I can match any colour scheme to provide a tranquil and relaxing addition to your space, incorporating the natural look of bamboo or driftwood, with the delicate art of origami.

    Through my designs I aim to create beautiful pieces with a little bit of Japan and a little bit of Australia, that will bring you and your loved ones your own 'Natsukashii' moments.

    Love from Rachel x

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    6 products