Bath Truffles
Or 4 payments with        Info  Lavender Sleep Time Bath Truffles      Bath truffles are basically bath bombs with extra skin-loving butters. These rustic balls contain large quantities of cocoa butter and coconut oil. The Lavender essential oil aroma...
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Castile soap
Or 4 payments with        Info  Listing is for 1 bar of castile soap (approx. 95g). These bars of soaps are perfect for, your bathroom and kitchen sinks to wash your hands! INGREDIENTS:  Olive oil , water & sodium hydroxide* *sodium hydroxide...
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Soothing Body Scrub - Lavender Essential Oil
Or 4 payments with        Info  The Lavender essential oil in our body scrub will sooth your senses and turn into light lotion in shower and deeply moisturise your skin with the goodness of Shea and Cocoa butter along with...
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Relaxing Body Scrub - Lemon & Lavender
Or 4 payments with        Info  Relax your nerves with our brand new body scrub with Lemon and Lavender essential Oils. The zingy and zesty aroma of our special essential oil blend with freshen your mood up and the goodness...
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Natural Coffee Body Scrub Bar - Preservative Free
Or 4 payments with        Info  Tired of powdered coffee scrubs falling off your hands and wasting most of it in shower??!! Look no further! Our single use natural coffee body scrub comes in a bar form and is easy to...
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Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
Or 4 payments with        Info    Divine Glow's Sugar Scrub is wonderful for your body and face no matter your skin type – dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, acne-prone skin. Getting rid of those dead skin cells can improve your...
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Essential Oil Soothing Bath Salts
Or 4 payments with        Info  Soothing Bath Salts Relax, soothe & soften. Fill your tub and add these calming salts to warm water to relax and unwind after work, travel or sport. Bath salts help detoxify sore muscles and...
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Glorious Special Package
Or 4 payments with        Info  Spoil yourself or someone you love!   Pack includes: - Handcrafted soy candle - Soothing essential oil bath salts - Pampering essential oil sugar scrub - Nourishing Goatsmilk soap  - Luxurious bath truffles x...
$83.00 $66.00
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Nourished Skin Care Package
Or 4 payments with        Info   Essential Oil Sugar Scrub Lip Balm (Beeswax) Soapy Oats Bag Goats Milk Soap   We endeavour to meet requests for particular scents and combinations for items but will be dependent on availability.   $45...
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Mumma Goddess Care Package
Or 4 payments with        Info This Package includesEssential Oil CandleEssential Oil Bath Salts with Organic Clay and FlowersEssential Oil Bath Truffle This package includes POSTAGEWe try to cater for specific product range but will depend on availability. This product is handmade in...
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Calming Body Scrub - Rosewood & Lavender Oils
Or 4 payments with        Info  Who doesn’t like Pretty in Pink! Our Calming Body scrub  with Rosewood Essential Oil will leave your skin feeling soft and silky while calming your senses down. Scrub away in shower and add water...
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Activated Charcoal Konjac Sponge
Or 4 payments with        Info Made from 100% natural and biodegradable vegetable Konjac fibre with the addition of charcoal to draw out skin impurities and balances an overly acidic skin pH. Konjac gently cleanses and exfoliates whilst naturally nourishing the skin with vitamins...
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