Meet some of handmade's up and coming dynamos ~ Geilhy and Cristina from Natural Duo!

Meet some of handmade's up and coming dynamos ~ Geilhy and Cristina from Natural Duo!

Hello, our names are Geilhy and Cristina, or CG for short 😉.. We are two Brisbane based mums who met during playdates when our kids were little. Now they are 7 and 10 years old and don’t keep us as busy as they did a few years back. Before we became mums, we worked as engineers but then decided to stay at home to look after them. After a couple of attempts to resume our professional careers we were driven more and more to owning a business and doing something different… That is until we found the creative side of each of us! 

Meet Emerging Makers - Natural Duo - Love Australian Handmade

After about a year of juggling with the idea of doing something new with our time, we came up with the realisation that many of the products we were using on our children’s skin weren’t so “clean labels” as they stated, and decided we could do something better by our own to address our growing kid’s needs. So, we jumped into loads and loads of information and started experimenting using our kitchen benches as labs… a perfect match to blend our science background with a new DYI passion!

From the beginning of 2019, we started asking friends to test our creations and see if they work for their children also. We got all sorts of feedbacks and then decided to focus on one product only to start with, and so one day… Natural Duo was born!! It was July 2019.

Handmade Natural Bath Bombs - Natural Duo - Love Australian Handmade Natural Duo - Natural handmade bath products - Love Australian Handmade

This is one of the first bath bombs we made, testing the formula, colours and package. And, on the right, our few first attempts to a natural deodorant paste.


What has been your favourite piece to make and why? 

It is hard to say as we put our hearts on every new piece we make, but we really enjoyed making a big batch of mini bath bombs gift boxes as personalised wedding favours. It was a challenging task as we had launched our business only a couple of months earlier, but we learnt a lot in the process, and it was our first big project ever 😊.

Bath Bomb Gift Box for Wedding - Natural Duo - Love Australian Handmade

Why are you so passionate about handmade? Why do you do, what you do?

Whilst it all started as a hobby to cover our children needs, we're passionate about formulating toxin-free alternative products for our family and friends. It is our vision to share our beautiful and natural creations with everyone, with the lowest environmental impact possible. We love the handcrafting side of it, it’s therapeutic in some way…!

Knowing that we make small batches using the purest ingredients to help families enjoy the goodness and benefits, makes our souls feel good. 

What's coming next?

As the Easter season is coming, we came up with a personalised surprise “gift box” for our children. Different from the traditional chocolate basket fillers.. we have the Easter Egg Bath Bombs :]

Easter Bath Bomb - Natural Duo - Love Australian Handmade

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