Fashion Revolution Week - Meet Tash from Lotus and Light Designs!

Lotus and Light Designs - Love Australian Handmade
Hi, I'm Tash! I made your jewellery! Let me start by telling you a bit about myself!
The natural world is where I feel most at home and content. Nothing feels better then hiking up a mountain and having my breath taken away by all the incredible and wondrous life forms around me. I am lucky enough to work casually surrounded by the beautiful forest in mount evelyn, and my partner and I are fortunate enough to share our time between Australia and a remote town in southern Chile. I find so much inspiration and peace surrounded by the mountains, the ocean and the abundant wild life. When you’re in the natural world, life just makes sense, and I hope that my creations using treasures from our natural world impart a little of that normality to you, while reminding you to celebrate the perfectly imperfect wonder that is you! I’m currently completing my honours year in anthropology focussing on the human-nature relationship, and how mythology has influenced this, and as I research I learn more and more about how destructive we can be, yet also how innovative and caring. Whilst this is a challenging year and has limited the time I can dedicate to creating, it remains a wonderful meditative experience that I continue to make time for.
What is your business? When did you start your handmade journey and why?
My business is Lotus and Light Designs.  I primarily create with natural objects and crystals, as I am most at home in the natural world, and feel this connection is worth celebrating! After working for 2 months in Nepal, I travelled South America directly after for 6 months. During these 8 months overseas, I met many inspiring, generous people, who were so full of life and excitement for all it offered. Speaking of believing in whatever future they desired, trusting the journey and allowing life to unfold for them. Through these travels I found myself deepening my desire for new connections and life experiences, and moving away from my past ways of living - particularly my old career. As i job-hunted with the hopes of trying something new, I began intuitively creating with crystals - indulging my creative energy (which I'd ignored for a long while), as I felt open to new possibilities. After sharing some rings and a necklace I made on my personal page, a couple of friends asked if I was selling my creations, as they were interested. What had been a fun creative exploration became something more, so I set about creating a business page on social media and sharing more and more of my work (with little to no idea of how to run a business / market myself!). Opening myself up to publicly sharing my creations was a huge leap of faith, and practice of vulnerability, but it's been absolutely worthwhile. I have had the honour of sending my work all over the world, and connecting with some really lovely people too! Each piece is special to me as each one is unique, and never replicated, so at times it's a little hard to say goodbye to them! 
Lotus and Light Design - Love Australian Handmade
What is the most recent handmade piece you've made and tell us a bit about it!
My most recent piece is a pair of earrings; made from the leaves of a beautiful weeping conifer tree I came across while walking the dogs with my partner and Dad, as soon as I saw this tree it stopped me in my tracks. After admiring the beautiful shades of green and silver in the leaves, I carefully picked a small branch of leaves to use in my next series of jewellery.
Lotus and Light Design - Love Australian Handmade
What was your favourite piece to make and why?
This is a tricky question!! My favourite piece is probably this dendritic and copper conifer leaf statement necklace - it speaks to me of balance, of embracing ourself completely, light dark and all the shades of grey. It feels complete. It was a hard one to part with, but I know she is in need of a new home, so shes currently for sale at the Belgrave Emporium
Lotus and Light Design - Love Australian Handmade
Why are you so passionate about handmade? Why do you do, what you do?
I believe that our fast paced instant gratification and throw-away society has disrupted our natural ways of being. I don’t believe consumption is the problem, rather the way we consume. We no longer stop, admire and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. We chase a never-ending version of success and happiness in the form of consumption, and as a result this encourages wasteful and unappreciative practices that exploit the disadvantaged people in the world. I find this to be an appalling aspect of modern society. We can help both people and the environment by mindful consumption, by supporting local people, from shopping for our fruit/veg/meat, clothes, jewellery and many other things. In this way we can buy less, buy quality and as a consequence reduce our environmental footprint. That is why I am so passionate about handmade, we can always have less, of higher quality, then more as we currently do. - sorry for the rant - I am quite passionate!
What's coming next?
These unique pieces made from my new favourite tree, with a variety of crystals, they are currently in their beginning stages, a work in progress, so I need to seal them, paint them and then leave them for up t0 36 hours to achieve a nice even copper plate, and then I will make chains for them.
Lotus and Light Design - Love Australian Handmade

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