Fashion Revolution Week - Meet Stephanie from Polka Dot and Co!


I made your scrunchies - Love Australian Handmade

Hi, I made your Scrunchies! 

Let me start by telling you a bit about myself!

My name is Stephanie I’m 19 years old. I was a ballroom and latin dancer for 12 years. I have a Diploma in Event Management and I own a little lopped eared rabbit named Lavender. 


What is your business? When did you start your handmade journey and why?

I started Polka Dot and Co May 2018 after I had unfortunately lost my job. As I found it difficult to find work that fit around my studies, I decided to put my creativity to good use. I started making my keychains then went onto scrunchies, and now hair clips! Over the last year I’ve had over 400 sales and my products are stocked in over 20 stores across Australia and New Zealand.  Shortly our scrunchies will feature in Tribe Skincare goodie bags for their event in May 2019!

 Polka Dot and Co - Love Australian Handmade

What is the most recent handmade piece you've made and tell us a bit about it!

My most recent piece was my Autumn Collection of scrunchies. I tried to pick colours that remind me of autumn while also creating a complimentary range of scrunchies! The fabrics range from cheesecloth, rayon, and ribbed denim. 

Polka Dot and Co - Love Australian Handmade 

What was your favourite piece to make and why?

Of course my favourite piece to make are scrunchies! I enjoy finding new fabrics to match the season's style as well as people's personal style. I love how every single one is unique and different. That’s the best thing about handmade you’ll never find two the same. 

Polka Dot and Co - Love Australian Handmade 

Why are you so passionate about handmade? Why do you do, what you do?

Everything is unique. You won’t find anything alike. It’s all handmade with love and fun. Wanting to bring someone happiness and joy with something you made yourself from scratch gives you the most amazing feeling. 

Polka Dot and Co - Love Australian Handmade 

What's coming next?

What’s next is Hair Clips! We have just launched our new sets of hair clips. We offer 7 different styles too!  The Winter scrunchie collection are in the making as well as some new hair clip styles!

Polka Dot and Co - Love Australian Handmade

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