Fashion Revolution Week - Meet Sam from Nunkeri Creative!

Fashion Revolution Week - Meet Sam from Nunkeri Creative!

Nunkeri Creative - Sam Stone - Love Australian Handmade

Imagination is the best, isn't it? I always thought as you got older your imagination made way for grown up things like working, paying bills, mowing the lawn and washing the car. BUT that is not the case at all! 

Since starting Nunkeri Creative in late 2018 my imagination and hence creativity has been set on fire! The absolute joy I get from creating designs, seeing them come to life and watching people wear and love them is just amazing! 

So, who am I? Glad you asked!

I am Sam. I'm a scorpion-dragon (born November 1976), married to a pretty cool guy and mum to two gorgeously cheeky, sometimes chaotic kids. I love bright, colourful, sparkly, beautiful things. I also love to laugh and smile....all the time! 

What is your business? When did you start your handmade journey and why?

The seed for Nunkeri was first sown when my mum (who made clothes for Trent Nathan) taught me how to make a skirt - I took her sewing machine home that day, it became mine and I sewed and created whenever I could. 

I make bold, colourful skirts, dresses, hats and scrunchies using Australian and Aboriginal Designer fabrics. I have Aboriginal heritage, which is extremely important to me, so I love to share the gorgeous designs and culture through Nunkeri.....also watch this space as I am wanting to introduce t-shirts and shorts too.

The first piece I made for the store was the Skater Girl Skirt in Jijaka Ridge Country - the Skater Girl Skirt is an a-line style with a comfy elastic waist and POCKETS! (because pockets are everything).

Nunkeri Creative - Love Australian Handmade

What is the most recent handmade piece you've made and tell us a bit about it!

The most recent piece that I have added to my collection is the Everyday Dress in  Ellie Whittaker's latest designs called "Up North" - I also used this design to create my Box Top which is available in the Love Australian Handmade Pop Up Shop. 

The Everyday Dress came about because smock style dresses don't suit my body shape (unfortunately as I love them) so I tweaked and experimented and come up with a box style top, elastic waist and fitted skirt. 

Nunkeri Creative - Love Australian Handmade

What was your favourite piece to make and why?

My favourite piece to make at the moment is the Pinafore, which currently comes in Jocelyn Proust fabrics. Jocelyn's designs are so bold and purely Australiana, I just love to work with them, they make me smile constantly. I also love pinafores - they are so versatile, you can wear them in summer or layer them up with tights and long sleeve tops in the winter. 

Nunkeri Creative - Love Australian Handmade 

Why are you so passionate about handmade? Why do you do, what you do?

In recent times with the explosion of inexpensively made fast fashion both people and the environment suffer as a result of the way it is made, sourced and consumed. Therefore, it is more important than ever to turn to handmade items that last, are not thrown out after being worn once and are made under good working conditions. 

I am passionate about being part of this change. Handmade items are made with such love and passion. The care and detail that makers put into each piece is so admirable. 

What's coming next?

My mind is always exploding with more ideas of what I want to create and share on Nunkeri. The next piece to drop on my Nunkeri store will be the King Parrot Pinafore and of course the Ellie Box Top in various Ellie Whittaker designs.

Nunkeri Creative - Love Australian Handmade



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