Fashion Revolution Week - Meet Melinda from Miss Molly's Handmade!

Fashion Revolution Week - Meet Melinda from Miss Molly's Handmade!

Miss Molly's Handmade - Love Australian Handmade

Hi, I made your clothes! Let me start by telling you a bit about myself!

I’m Melinda and I’m a mum to two cheeky girls (Molly and Charlotte) and live in Brisbane. I have always been a creative person and over the years have tried many styles from drawing, painting, cake making etc.

Before I had my girls I worked in Quality Assurance in Mining and travelled all over Australia and was away from home at least one to two weeks a month. I looooved my job and the responsibility that came with it but when my Molly came along and we learned of her chronic medical condition our lives took on a new path. 

I have since journeyed through many ‘jobs’ of stay at home mother, carer, liasoning with nurses, doctors, surgeons and medical associations and managed to lose myself somewhere along the way….. that is until I found the right creative outlet for me – sewing!!


What is your business? When did you start your handmade journey and why?

I started what has now grown into Miss Molly’s Handmade approximately 4 years ago now as a hobby. It was initially just something for me to do in ‘me time’ and a way to feel like there was something more that I could do than being my child's home nurse. 

I started by making clothes for Molly and then had requests to make things for my friends children. 

This blouse is one of the first things I ever made for a friends daughter in July 2015. Long before I knew what a flat lay was or about good lighting hahaha. I have always loved vintage classic styles. This blouse style is still one that I use commonly now 4 years on.

Miss Molly's Handmade - Love Australian Handmade

Slowly more and more friends joined my group and then one day a wonderful friend of mine posted about me on a handmade group and with 80 orders coming in overnight (I know - wow!) that sprouted the beginning of Miss Molly’s Handmade.

I now make clothes for both girls, boys and have even released a ladies dress.


What is the most recent handmade piece you've made and tell us a bit about it!

Miss Molly's Handmade - Love Australian Handmade

The latest piece that I’ve made is this gorgeous Reversible Coat. Made from the loveliest light weight cotton fabric, you can choose which style option you prefer. Will it be navy with floral trim, or floral with a navy lining - the choice is yours! Embellished with wooden buttons and a classic collar, your little miss will look amazing in her new coat!

Miss Molly's Handmade - Love Australian Handmade

What was your favourite piece to make and why?

Miss Molly's Handmade - Love Australian Handmade

My Favourite item to make so far would have to be the dress that I made for a Charity Auction a few years ago called Collaborate for a Cause. Businesses teamed up with other businesses and shared our skills and love for handmade and created the most amazing handmade collections that were auctioned off and the money raised sent to each groups chosen charity.

This dress style is one that was one of my signature styles and was made often, however this particular stands out for me not just because of the cause behind it but with its extra twirly, fully lined skirt, gold piping on the bodice and double layer sequined frills it oozed luxury, sweetness and a whole lot of love.

Miss Molly's Handmade - Love Australian Handmade

Why are you so passionate about handmade? Why do you do, what you do?

Whilst I started in the handmade industry as a hobby, it has now become an industry that I am passionate about. To be able to design, source, create, send a little love with each order and to see the joy on the faces of little darlings wearing my creations sparks a light in me that I never knew was there.

The support that I have had over the years from the handmade community has been amazing and I can’t wait to continue down this path.

What's coming next?

With the weather getting cooler, layering is the key. Coats (some nice warm ones are on the cards) and other items like Pinny’s and Suspender skirts are always a favourite here and I can’t wait to show you very very soon…

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