Fashion Revolution Week - Meet Bec from Love Your Tribe!

Fashion Revolution Week - Meet Bec from Love Your Tribe!

Love your tribe - I made your jewellery - Love Australian handmade

Hi, I made your jewellery! Let me start by telling you a bit about myself! 

I’m Bec and I am the owner, creator, designer, brains behind Love your Tribe. I’m a mumma bear to two beautiful, spirited and ever exploring young girls. In whatever spare time I have left, I juggle my career as a high school art teacher. I have always had a love for socialising, whether it through sports, catching up with friends or hanging out with my family. I'm currently living in Sydney, but my home is Adelaide, which I frequent often to see friends and family. 

What is your business? When did you start your handmade journey and why?

I create jewellery that has a bohemian aesthetic for the modern woman, generally through keepsake and breastmilk jewellery. I am constantly inspired by the ocean and my jewellery has a beachside, boho vibe. I try to make sure my pieces are ecologically sustainable, using recycled metals when I can, making sure I source ethical inclusions.  A lot of my jewellery features charms that are handmade by the Karen tribe in Thailand. Although aesthetically I am is inspired by the nature that surrounds us, the start of my label was ultimately inspired by the creation of my babies. Searching for a keepsake necklace that suited me and my style was an impossible journey. So I started designing my own ideas, then researching how to create it. Once I had finished, I had kinda realised I had all the resources for starting my own business and surely if I struggled to find something with my style there would be others who have the same problem. Luckily, I make my jewellery, cause that piece has changed and evolved so many times, haha. Recently I have started on another journey with making breastmilk jewellery. I absolutely love getting to know my customers, so this recent adventure works so well for me.   

Love Your Tribe - Love Australian Handmade

This piece quickly become my signature piece, the Dandelion gemstone.  I made this for my sister in law, who I swear has pretty much all my pieces ♡ March 2017  


What is the most recent handmade piece you've made and tell us a bit about it!

I have a few recent handmade pieces; I get so excited with each piece so it's hard to choose one. But one of them is a crushed Larimar sterling silver sheer ring. The bezel on the ring is filled with crushed Larimar and eco resin.  I just love larimar, all those beautiful blues, it so calming and serene. It so fitting that the stone itself represents peace and clarity. I find crafting with crushed crystals a perfect way for me to send gorgeous vibes to my customers.  

Love your tribe - I made your jewellery - Love Australian handmade

What was your favourite piece to make and why? 

Argh, again it's so hard to choose. Each piece has a different story to tell, I don’t really have favourites. Bit like your kids right? Haha! I try to work on the basis that if I don’t like making the piece then I get rid of it.  But I think I just find the Moon ring so amazing to make. Creating a milk stone has this beautiful softness about it. So once the ring is finished, it almost illuminates like the moon.  

Moon Ring - Love Your Tribe - Love Australian Handmade

Why are you so passionate about handmade? Why do you do, what you do? 

I find it so real! You know someone has put so much love into a handmade piece, so when you buy handmade you basically have this piece that comes with extra love. I find being able to make someone a piece that they will treasure or a piece that becomes their staple go to, so amazing! Knowing that my vision created that piece is what makes it so much more special.  

What's coming next? 

Ooh, so much! I am crushing on moonstone now (possibly like the rest of the world, haha). The light and colour that it emits is gorgeous, so I have been playing around with it.  I designed a piece that has a milk stone as well as moonstone incorporated together and I'm super excited to release it. But for now, its exclusive to the Fashion Revolution pop up shop.  

Moonstone Ring - Love Your Tribe - Love Australian Handmade

Moonstone Ring - Love Your Tribe - Love Australian Handmade


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