How to write product descriptions that convert by Rachel from Shine Copy

How to write product descriptions that convert by Rachel from Shine Copy

Running a handmade business is fill-your-soul rewarding. 

People love what you make. 

Your website is live. 

Your social media is thumbstoppingly gorgeous. 

But something’s missing. 

Your product descriptions are bland. Instead of being juicy pages full of flavour, they’re lifeless lists of features. 

But it’s not that you can’t write your own product descriptions, it’s that writing your own copy is hard. You sit down to write; you know what you want to say but it just doesn’t come out right. 

So, how do you turn tiresome product descriptions into get-into-my-cart copy that turns browsers into buyers?

Walk with me and I’ll show you how to write product descriptions that convert.

Know your customer 

If you only read one part of this blog, make it this paragraph. 

Understand your customer. That is the foundation for “gotta have it” product descriptions. When you show your customer you get them, their problems, feelings and how they use your products, you can get inside their head.  

Knowing your customer helps you to create an emotional connection. And it helps you find the right SEO keywords so you can attract more of the right customers. (More on that later). 

Think about a new mum searching for a baby change table mattress cover. She’s tired, overwhelmed and wants a cover that’s durable, simple to use and has custom elements to match the nursery décor because style is important too. 

Let’s tell her our change table covers are effortless to fit when faced with a poonami. She can choose from a rainbow of designs or talk to us about a custom colour to complement her nursery aesthetic. And because she has enough washing already, we’ll include that it’s easy to wash – just throw it in the machine and it will dry crease free.

Work your keywords

Attracting people to your site who want what you make is important because they’re very likely to convert. After all, they know what they’re looking for and are probably ready to buy.

How to create product descriptions that convert

So, we need to consider SEO – search engine optimisation. SEO copy is about getting found on Google by your ideal buyer through your keywords. They’re the search terms for which you want to be found. 

Decide on one keyword or phrase for each product description and use it in your copy, meta title, meta description and URL. These are backend settings you can edit fairly easily. 

There are many SEO elements that impact your ranking, but getting your product descriptions search engine optimised is definitely a smart move.  

If you make personalised bookends, you might be targeting “custom handmade timber bookends”. Make sure you include that phrase in your product description, rather than just including a static list of product features. Remember, write first for your customers and then for Google. Keyword stuffing won’t read well to your customer and Google can actually penalise you for it too. 

BONUS SEO TIP – use the product name and its description in the alt title for each image. e.g If you have a pink and white rainbow bookend in your shop, set the alt title for that product image as “handmade pink and white rainbow timber personalised bookend.”

Focus on benefits not features

The best product descriptions paint a picture of the benefits, not the features. 

What’s the difference? 
A feature is a fact about a product e.g Our handmade baby shoes have a leather upper and a rubber sole. 
A benefit is how a product or service improves your life. e.g Our leather uppers are tough enough to endure scrapes and tumbles, with the flexibility to fit comfortably around your little one’s foot, whatever their shape. Rubber soles will keep your little one upright as he or she learns to walk. 


Infuse your brand with personality 

Is your brand poised or playful, rugged or refined, down to earth or glamorous? Whatever your vibe, your product descriptions are the perfect opportunity to show it off and connect with your customer. 

Take a look at eco brand, Dirt Laundry. Their laidback, smarty pants, tongue-in-cheek vibe is seen from this simple but powerful description: 

Product descriptions that convert example Dirt Laundry

“Get a taste” is casual, “wizardry” is playful and there’s a snappy check list of features to combat any buyer’s guilt or reasons not to buy. 

Not sure how to voice your brand personality? Imagine what your products would say to a customer if they could have a conversation. 

Your brand personality doesn’t have to be big, it’s just got to be clear. 

Show your customer why they should care

Now that we’ve:

  • Got the right traffic to your site thanks to SEO
  • Showed your buyers we feel their pain
  • Let them know how much better life will be with your product and
  • Given a pop of personality to our brand…

Let’s show your customer what’s in it for them and why they can’t go past your handmade masterpieces. 

Convert with good product descriptions

Here’s an example for handmade donut print skirts e.g Donut get too crazy but we promise, this donut print A-line skirt is gonna get your inner Sandy grooving like Travolta’s schmoozing. Feel like you’re on the back on the high school dance floor, in this limited edition print that’s made for fun lovin’, sugar candy girls who own it. 

We’ve shown that these donut skirts will put you in a dancing mood, get heads turning and give you a confidence to rock your look. 

If you can make your product descriptions more appealing for your ideal buyers and show them they can’t live without your products, you can convert lookers into loyal customers. 

Want to chat product descriptions with Rachel?

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SEO Copywriter handmade brands Shine CopyRachel Green from Shine Copy is an SEO copywriter who writes for eco and handmade brands. She’s a cheerleader for all things sustainable and has immense respect for the soul and heart poured into each piece created by handmade brands. She has a bonus offer for Love Australian Handmade blog readers – see end of blog for details.

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