From Hairstylist to TopKnotQueen ~ Top 5 biz tips from Holly of TopKnotGirl

Hi, I'm Holly, former hairstylist (although I seem to continue to dabble in that!) turned entrepreneur + chief topknot maker at TopKnot Girl

I'm wife to Nathan + cool mama to William (6) and Poppy (3). 

I started TopKnot Girl in 2014 after discovering a market for functional, comfortable and on-trend headwear in a range of sizes and styles. 

I make all products from our home studio on the mid-north coast. Nathan packages and ships your orders and deals with some admin and bookwork, while I produce the items + connect with our tribe on social media! 


Here's my top 5 biz tips | 

1. Be you! It's easy to sway side to side and contort yourself into someone you're not. You're amazing and you've got flair, so let that shine in your world + your biz!

2. Be social. Engage and be real on your social channels. Do the best you can. Be there for your customers and love on them! 

3. Get out of your comfort zone. Try new things. But a different fabric to your normal style. Test the waters. What have you got to lose? 

4. Connect with other hustlers. Get in touch. Reach out. Collaborate. Put yourself out where. You might just make a bestie! 

5. Small beginnings. Appreciate each and every order. Every like. Every follow. Think of those as "individual people" that have placed effort in and come along for the journey. Stay greatful and humble and enjoy the ride! 

Holly TopKnotGirl

Big LOVE  x Holly 

Author Bio

Holly is one half of the awesome Husband and Wife team behind TopKnot Girl.  You can find TopKnot Girl on Facebook, Instagram (making sure to #topknotgirl), Snapchat and Pinterest!