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Who is a fan of house cleaning?  Anyone?  Anyone??!  Not many hands going up (mine certainly isn’t) are there?

I’ll tell you one of the reasons why I don’t like cleaning (other than the obvious fact that I’d rather be on the couch watching Girls or something).  It’s the harsh chemicals.  Chemicals and ingredients in traditional cleaning products can impact on the environment in numerous ways, such as the rate in which they break down (assuming they are biodegradable), how they impact our waterways and wildlife, and if they have any potential effects on the people that use them.  And it’s not only the effects that chemicals may on the environment, but the chemicals in commercial cleaning products often gave me really bad headaches and made my dermatitis flare up.

Then we stumbled across Lil Bit Better, a handmade business based in Melbourne, Victoria. The owner Liz, is passionate about changing the way we use cleaning products.  Keenly aware of the environmental impact harsh chemicals have on the environment, she has created an amazing range of handmade natural and low impact cleaning products.

I’ve bought quite a few of Liz’s handmade cleaning products, and I’m going to share a few of my favourites with you!


Sweet African Orange & Cinnamon Leaf tub and tile scrub

I seriously hate cleaning the shower, as pretty much everything available in the supermarket gives me a headache.  I bought this cleaner in the hope that I could use it regularly to clean my shower.  The bi-carb give the cleaner just a little bit of needed friction to clean any stubborn spots and gives a delicious warm scent of orange and cinnamon.  No more headaches and a quick clean once a week is all I need to do now! 

May Chang & Clementine dishwashing liquid

I love a good foamy washing liquid and this doesn’t disappoint!!  Great on grease with some hot water, and a little goes a long way!!  I LOVE the scent of this, a beautiful citrus scent instantly puts me in a good mood and I *almost enjoy washing the dishes!  What is wrong with me?!

Niaouli & Myrtle Disinfectant Spray

This clever little spray is made using paper bark and myrtle, both of which naturally have great anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.  I use it on my kitchen bench with a microfiber cloth every day – a few quick sprays and a wipe down is all you need to keep the benches clean!  And no painful dermatitis flare ups wooo!!!

Rosalina Cleaning Toilet Bombs

Ok these little toilet bombs really surprised me!  The bombs contain bi-carb and Rosalina,  an Australian native oil that is full of antibacterial properties.  Just chuck one in, leave for 5 minutes, and then scrub as you normally would.  Leaving it in there for 5 minutes actually made them more effective than a regular toilet gel!!  I was amazed!!!

Sleepy Time Room Spray

Ok this isn’t a cleaning product, but I bought this for my daughter to spray before bedtime.  She isn’t the world’s greatest sleeper, and now that she’s started school anything that can encourage a better sleep has my attention!  The spray has lavender, lemon, marjoram and Roman chamomile organic essential oils and emits a gentle smell in Ana’s room.  She loves it and her ‘special spray’ has become part of her night time routine before bed.  And just quietly, I use it myself to help relax after a long day of work!!

These are only a few of Lil Bit Better’s products, there are loads more to try!  Next on my list are the chrome and glass cleaner, and dishwasher tablets.  Liz makes all products herself, and she is amazing to deal with.   So while I may not be able to change everything in my household, I have changed a few core cleaning products in my house.  Now even my 5 year old daughter admires our clean bathroom sink and we both stand there and smell the warm cinnamon scent….

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**All photos are used with permission from Lil Bit Better**
**This blog article is not sponsored by anyone, and all items were purchased for personal use**

Author Bio

Anh is one half of Love Australian Handmade, and also has been running her own handmade business (Ana ma Petit Tresor) for almost 5 years. She has two young children, and a husband who crazily encourages her fabric buying sprees and handmade ideas.  She likens her fabric addition to drugs (but not as expensive nor illegal), and is known to sit and stare at fabric for periods of time. Anh also loves to travel, eat food, make her kids laugh, and sleep.