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From the moment I made a partnership with Love Australian Handmade they supported and promoted my business to their networks and undoubtedly contributed to direct sales. I’m proud to be working with professional women that are dedicated to the growth and promotion of quality Australian Handmade products.
— Natasha - Ellie's Handmade
I started my small handmade business in February 2016 after almost 24 years of sewing only as a hobby. The “For the Love of Australian Handmade” has been the greatest support for my little handmade business. What initially started very close to zero followers and just an idea, turned very quickly into a very well established business in the group. 6 months later after joining your Facebook group, I have reached a following of almost 3500 people, and I can say with confidence that at least half have come from this beautiful group of like minded people who really do Love Australian Handmade. Not only have I gained so much exposure but I am already booked for the rest of the year and I was forced to close for Christmas orders before the 1st of November. The sky is the limit and I personally encourage anyone no matter at what stage their business is to join and enjoy so much awesomeness AND grow their business in an organic and sustainable way. You will not regret joining and being part of Love Australian Handmade.
— Nicoleta ~ Keepsakes By Nicoleta
My name is Charlotte and I am the owner of a children’s wear business, Lottie Clothing.
My business began with the For the Love of Australian Handmade Facebook group, an amazing and friendly community of makers and lovers of handmade pieces.
A little over a year ago I (nervously) posted a photo of a pineapple print dress I had made my daughter, asking for encouragement/advice about whether there would be any interest if they were for sale. The response from the members in the group was incredible. I had so much encouragement from the group to set up a business that I did so straight away and my creations were for sale the following week. Since that day, Lottie Clothing has grown to be a busy and successful business. We have a combined Facebook and Instagram following of over 25,000, and I have big dreams for the brand – something that never would have happened, had it not been for the encouragement from the members of For the Love of Australian Handmade. I should also add, that even still – a large majority of our lovely customers are straight from the group!
It is an immensely valuable platform for aspiring handmade brands and I would recommend that all makers get themselves involved!
— Charlotte ~ Lottie Clothing

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Every second month on our Facebook page we host a different themed market.  This means you get to shop super special handmade all from the comfort of your home with ice cream, a cup of tea or wine in hand!  Stay tuned for details of our next online market coming soon.


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